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Planes and Demi-Planes

The Dream Realm (Demi-Plane)

The Dream Realm, referred to in OSRIC's description of Ghouls and Ghasts as a place where those monsters can traverse the Prime Material Plane and access the Outer Planes as well (in the case of Ghasts).

As a Demi-Plane that is connected to both the Ethereal and the Astral Planes, this is a realm that also is able to be touched by people and other creatures when they enter the dream state of sleep. Many a nightmare is initiated for people by creatures within the Dream Realm who either live there or are traversing it.

It is often considered a myth by people that some creatures use the Dream Realm to influence the waking behavior and even somnambulist behavior of people based on the dreams instigated in the Dream Realm.

Movement and activity in the Dream Realm is the same as movement and activity in the Ethereal Plane.

Demons and Devils can reach the Prime Material Plane via the Ethereal and Astral planes and cross into the Dream Realm from them to wreak havoc and travel using dreams and portals to the Dream Realm such as Ghouls and Ghasts create in graveyards and tombs.

Places in Terra Ursa

Croc Island

Croc Island is actually a sub-continent rather than an actual island. Spanning approximately 1,000 miles north to South and 1,600 miles east to west, it is a unique locale that is surrounded by ocean yet contains 4 recognizable environments.there is a mountain range with a high altitude of 6 miles above sea level near the middle of the range.

Carn's Enchanted Shoppe

In the fortified compound of Herschel's Monster Hunters in Vaseria (still publicly known as the town of Misque) is a unique magical enchanted munitions depot run by Carn a 9th level Magic user who has several other Magic Users working for him to have enchanted weapons and armor ready for the numerous and sundry Monster Hunters who make their way through the compound.

The only work done and items sold in this special "store" are the enchanting of weapons and armor.

The prices for items are pretty standardized.

Swords, Daggers, knives, axes, bladed items: 1,500 GP per "Plus" up to 4+ items. For example, a +1 longsword will cost the normal price of a longsword plus an extra 1,500 GP for a total of 1,551 GP. A +4 longsword in comparison would sell for 6.015 GP.

Armor: 2,000 GP per "Plus" up to 4+ items.

Spears, staves, clubs, flails, maces, etc...: 1,000 GP per "Plus" up to 4+ items.

Bows, crossbows, slings, etc...: 1,200 GP per "Plus" up to 4+ items. (these items bonuses only affect "To Hit abilities.)

Arrows, bolts, slingstones, etc missiles: 50GP per "Plus" up to 4+ items. (these items bonuses only affect "To Damage" abilities.)

Carn runs the Shoppe with permission from Herschel and is free to profit from the items that are made and sold there under the condition that any Monster Hunters be allowed to put +1 items on Herschel's "tab" meaning they owe the money for the item(s) to Herschel which will come out of their pay/bounties earned on missions. Anything of greater value than a +1 item MUST be paid for in full and up front before the item can be taken out of the Shoppe.

Carn is a 9th level MU and employs various level MU's at various stages of training up to 8th level.

Castle Califas


Castle Califas is inspired by a combination of the song by the Eagles, "Hotel California", the movie "Thirteen Ghosts" and the story of the Winchester House.

Back story

Castle Califas is an ancient structure. It was built in the "Age of Kings" in the land of Providence. King Pratorius Stonehenge had the castle built as new base of operations when he had planned to move the capital city from it's currrent location. The castle was completed in all it's grandeur and enshrouded in mystery as it's construction had been handled in secret and surrounded by tragedy and danger from the first day of excavation.

King Pratorius never lived long enough to move in to the new castle however due to an unusually rapid uprising of the people. He was captured and beheaded in a single day. the castle was never lived in by any of the royal family but left abandoned for centuries.

After the country reformed several revolutions later, the new government, about one hundred and eighty years ago, a democratically based version of the previous kingdom, someone approached the governing Presidia and offered to purchase the castle and the surrounding countryside, roughly 2,000 Hectares.

The castle has since been privately owned and still maintains it's mysterious aura.

Current Story

Travellers have claimed that as they came along the road that runs through the Castle Califa's property they can see lights on in the castle as though there is activity and people, someone, living there. Sounds can be heard all the way to the roadside at times as though a raucous party is underway. At other times, strange howlings, wails and shrieks can be heard carried on the breeze from the direction of the castle.

A few people have been curious enough when there were only lights present or during the daylight hours to follow the long path to the castle's massive and curiously adorned font doors.

They say there is a sign posted that describes the Castle as being operated as a "Bed and Breakfast" for weary travellers and visitors to the area. Most never went in, describing eerie sounds and sensations as they got nearer. One man claims to have gone in and spoken to a man dressed in a dark cowl and robes at a nearby counter. His story was that the man welcomed him to Castle Califas and how long he planned to stay. Before anything more could be said and with the door still open behind him, a ghastly, shriek filled the air forcing the man to cover his ears and he turned and fled out the door and away.

He remarks that he had entered leaving the massive right door still wide open behind him, but that as he was fleeing, the door was already closing seemingly by itself and he'd had to squeeze between the closing gap to get back outside.

Behind The Scenes

The robed man is a necromancer Cleric known only as "Ganter". His devotion and worship is to the Devil known as "Baalzebul". His life objective is that by helping Baalzebul become powerful enough to become the Overlord Of Hell, and ousting Asmodeus, he will be rewarded with a place as an absolute ruler in this world.

He purchased the castle long ago as a place to capture the souls of people and use them as offerings to Baaslzebul. He lures travellers in and with various Arcane spells, traps and monsters collected within it's walls, he builds his offering pool and sacrifical "wealth" to exchange for greater power.

Ganter traps spirits within each of the hundreds of rooms, collecting them as necessary for his offerrings. In many rooms are trapped still living people to be used as sacrifices. Their bodies are sacrificed giving the physical properties to the devils for power an sustenance and their souls are then afterward bound to a room within nthe castle.

Many of the trapped are innocents whose spirits yearn for release to the afterlife they were supposed to be destined for. Many others are Evil to lesser or greater degrees. These are souls that in many cases had made bargains with devils, and with Ganter, and find themselves trapped in the castle as the natural consequence of pursuing Evil. A great many of these become poltergeists and other negative ghastly creatures bound to serve Ganter in the operations in and beneath the Castle.

Ganter himself is a very old Human Cleric that is Lawful Evil. He has long surpassed a normal human life span courtesy of an arcane "Ring of Ba'al" that was gifted to him by Baalzebul himself for having accomplished an absolutely horrible goal in which over a thousand people had met a gruesome demise over a period of six months at the hands of Ganter and his servants in one of the more recent failed attempts to usurp Asmodeus. he attempt had been semi-successful in granting Baalzebul much power that he retained and because of that, much of it due to Ganter's efforts.

The ring grants near immortalilty to the wearer and protects them from most "natural" threats from aging to diseases, viruses, etc... Though he can still be mortally wounded by enchanted weapons, poisons, magic, etc... while wearing the ring.

It is rumored that Ganter has amassed wealth so great from collecting the ownings and possesions of those he "collects" that it fills four whole rooms somewhere in the castle.

Ganter also has living slaves and servants who take care of him, the castle and those of his most trusted disciples are in charge of the day to day operation of the castle and entrapping unwary guests.

Despite his near immortality due to the ring, Ganter is a 10th level Cleric and has established the castle as his temple. The castle attracts acolytes and evil monsters looking for power and refuge.

Ganter travels frequently, always looking for his next acquisition. In the event that a group of less than 10th level adventurers should come in, He will not be there himself but several of his acolytes, slaves, servants, and monsters will be there.

Ganter is meant to be no joke. Even if he is not the highest level Cleric of Baalzebul out there, he is the favored one and he takes that deadly serious.

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