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Time is more than just a clock

This section is about more than just tracking time, it's about taking time to give measurable options.


Time Related

It takes a certain amount of time to do things. Here are some time standards to do things...



Base Movement Per Rd/1 min Per Seg/6 sec
6" 60 ft 6 ft
9" 90 ft 9ft
12" 120 ft 12 ft
15" 150 ft 15ft
18" 180 ft 18 ft

So, if it takes someone with base 90' movement in one minute and there are 5280 feet to a mile (1760 Yards) , then it will take that PC about 58 minutes to walk a mile. Roughly an hour per mile at that pace.

If that PC spends 10 hours of a day walking with only 4, 15 minute breaks in the day (takes an hour of walking out) then they will have walked about 9 miles.

BtB, walking outdoors would give that same movement base character the ability to move that 9 miles in half a day or 12 hours. I guess E.G.G's method assumes more or longer rest breaks.In my game, I use the preceding approach to a mile, then it will take that PC about 58 minutes to walk a mile. Roughly an hour per mile at that pace.

According the the SRD, if one divides the base movement rate by 5, this is the total # of miles one can travel on fairly flat terrain. Thus again, a PC with 90' base movement rate would travel about 9 miles for the day.

By The Way, Many discussions have it that ALL created PC's will automatically start with a 90' base movement rate, but several character generators create all PC's with a 120' base movement rate.

A 120' base movement rate is more along the lines of typical for a human. Some DM's might determine of their own accord that the taller races (humans, half-elves and half-orcs) would start with a 120' base movement and the shorter races (dwarves, gnomes and elves) might start instead with a 90' or even 60' base movement.

Periods in a day

Gary gives us 6 periods in a day in which to check for encounters while on outdoor adventures. Based on this table, I have determined the following:

Time Frame Hours Represented
Morning 8 am till 11:59 am
Noon/Afternoon 12 noon till 3:59 pm
Evening 4 pm till 7:59 pm
Night 8 pm till 11:59 pm
Midnite 12 midnite till 3:59 am
Pre-Dawn 4 am till 7:59 am
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