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One of my most favorite things when running a game is to keep things moving. I love to keep things random. Random details keep the game interesting and ensures that players "roll with it" instead of becoming apathetic or finding the game predictable.

I love random tables and have found some online and made others myself for all kinds of things. You will find those tables on this page. Feel free to use them as you like, just be sure to give proper credit if you publish or post them somewhere else.


Where Did I Get Hit?

Here is a nice little table to let someone know where that arrow, sword, knife, etc connected with on their person. Keep in mind that none of this is necessary and yet can be very interesting in adding to the action and suspense of a fight, especially a one on one fight. Using this table to give an indication on a major injury, such as double damage from a natural 20 or self inflicted damage from a natural 1, can lead to interesting complications or unknown ramifications down the road if the DM is so minded.

Bodily Damage Location Table
1d20 Result 1d20 Result
1 Left Arm Front 11 Left Arm Back
2 Right Arm Front 12 Right Arm Back
3 Left Leg Front 13 Left Leg Back
4 Right Leg Front 14 Right Leg Back
5 Head Front 15 Head Back
6 Neck Front 16 Neck Back
7 Upper Torso Front 17 Left Hand Palm
8 Upper Torso Back 18 Left Hand Back
9 Lower Torso Front 19 Right Hand Palm
10 Lower Torso Back 20 Right Hand back

How's The Weather?

Fairly often during a game, someone will have their PC ask about the weather. Sometimes supposedly a Magic User in the area has done something to change or control the weather and we need to figure out in what way. This next table can help figure out what the weather is like in the game.

Game Weather Table
1d8 Result
1 Clear weather, comfortable temps (60 to 75 deg F)
2 Rain (see rain sub-table)
3 Snow (see snow sub-table)
4 Very Hot temps (90 to 110 deg F)
5 Cold (30 to 55 deg F)
6 Very Cold (0 to 30 deg F)
7 Moderately Hot (75 to 85 deg F)
8 Freezing (-30 to 0 deg F)

Rain Sub-Table

Rain Table
1d4 Result
1 Sprinkling
2 Light Rain, distant thunder
3 Heavy Rain-Thunderstorms, lightening and thunder loud and close by
4 Torrential Rain-Tornado/Hurricane possible, lightening and thunder loud and close by

Snow Sub-Table

Snow Table
1d6 Result
1 Light snow
2 Light sleet
3 Heavy snow
4 Snow storm
5 Blizzard
6 Ice storm

Travelling Along and what do we see?

The party is travelling down a road or a path, etc... and you're not sure what they will come upon next? Will it be a crossroads or a dead end? maybe a town or something? Could be just a house or an Inn or some other place on the side of the road. Here is a table that will help us figure out what's next so that the trip is a bit more interesting.

What's Next?
1d6 Result
1 Crossroad, 4-way
2 Crossroad, T intersection 3-way
3 Settlement (see settlement sub-table)
4 Roadside (see roadside sub-table)
5 Road sign (see road sign sub-table)
6 Road debris (see debris sub-table)

Settlement Sub-Table 1

Settlement Sub-Table 1
Result Type Population
1 Thorp 20-80
2 Hamlet 100-400
3 Village 600-900
4 Town 1,500-6,500
5 City 10,000-60,000
6 Ruins (See Settlement sub-table 2)

Settlement Sub-Table 2

Settlement Sub-Table 2: Ruins
Result Type
01-30 Village
31-60 City
61-85 Shrine
86-00 Tomb

Roadside Sub-Table 1

Roll on Roadside Sub-table 1 then roll again on roadside Sub-Table 2

Roadside Sub-Table
1d6 Result
1 Farm
2 House
3 Castle
4 Tavern
5 Inn
6 Garrison

Road Side Sub-Table 2

Roadside Sub-Table 2
1d4 Size
1 Totally Deserted
2 Deserted with Monster
3 Inhabited by people
4 NPC's (1d4)

Road Sign Sub-Table

Debris Sub-Table

Debris Sub-Table
1d6 Result
1 Wrecked & abandoned wagon (1 out of 6 chance there is something salvageable)
2 Wrecked & abandoned cart (1 out of 6 chance there is something salvageable)
3 Carcass of large, dead Monster (1 out of 6 chance there is something salvageable)
4 Large Chest (1 out of 6 chance there is something salvageable)
5 Large Crate (1 out of 6 chance there is something salvageable)
6 Carcass of large, dead animal
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