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Psionic Basics

I have modified Psionics in my game to represent something more like the way powers such as these work in the book series "Hard Magic" by Larry Corriea.

First of all, whereas the BtB method suggests that psionics is only obtainable by having scores of 16 or higher in INT, WIS or CHA. In my world, each and every PC has the possibility of having psionic abilities. Remember, PC's are already exceptional people in the world to be the great adventurers they are supposed to be.

BtB, a roll on percentile dice of "00' or 100 is the only roll that obtains the abilities with a modifier of 2.5% for each point over 16 in each of the INT, WIS, or CHA categories. In my world, a modifier is allowed for every attribute including STR, DEX and CON. The modifier is 5% for each point over 15. In my world, the possibility of having psionic powers is higher than BtB.

Also, the abilities psionics are capable of more closely resemble those in the book series "Hard Magic". Once it has been determined that a PC does have psionic ability, they must roll to determine what class of abilities.

Duration or damage capacity for each of the abilities per psionic type begins at 1 to 6 per level then accrue in more time or longer duration. Thus, a first level psionic Pyro can cause pyrotechnics (start a fire at a distance) that will last for 1 to 6 segments (roll 1d6). A second level will do the same trick for 1 to 6 rounds (roll 1d6). A third level Pryo wil do it for 1 to 6 turns. A 4th level Pyro will do it for 2 to 6 turns, 5th level at 3 to 6 turns and 1 6th level for 4 to 6 turns minimum.

  1. ) Fire control (pyrokinetics (1d6 rounds/lvl), fire tolerance absorbtion (1d6 rounds/lvl), Flame strike(1d6/lvl)
  2. ) Gravity Control (make an object or person gravity change (1d6 rounds/lvl), make ones own body more or less dense (1d6 rounds/lvl), levitation (1d6 rounds/lvl))
  3. ) Weather Control (cause a change in weather(1d6 rounds/lvl), influence aspects of weather (1d6 rounds/lvl), lightening strike(1d6/lvl))
  4. ) Mind Manipulation (mental attack (1 to 6/lvl), mind reading (1 attempt/day/level, mind control (1 to 6 rounds/lvl))
  5. ) Mental Conntrollers (Telekinesis (1d6 rounds/lvl), suspend animation (1d6 rounds/lvl), invisibility (1d6 rounds/lvl))
  6. ) Travelers (invisibilty (1d6 rounds/lvl), intangibility (1d6 rounds/lvl), Dimensional travel)

There are 6 levels of control over one's powers that can be achieved:

  1. )- novice, minimal control, cannot hold an action for more than 1d8 segments. influence objects within 5 ft from self. 1/6 chance of success.
  2. )-beginner, nominal control, hold action for 1d8 rounds. influence objects within 15 ft from self. 2/6 chance of success.
  3. )-intermediate, more control, hold action for 1d8 turns. influence objects within 30 ft from self. 3/6 chance of success.
  4. )- journeyman, good control, hold action for 2d8 turns, influence objects within 45 ft from self. 4/6 chance of success.
  5. )- professional, very good control, hold action for 3d8 turns, influence objects within 75 ft from self. 5/6 chance of success.
  6. )-Master, full control, hold action for 4d10 turns, influence objects within 100 ft from self. 6/6 chance of success (no longer needs to roll to check success, automatic).

Each time a psionic ability is used the PC gains 1 point for even a failed effort,

5 points for an effort of 25% capability,

10 points for up to 50% capability,

15 points for up to 75% capability

20 points for up to 100% capability.

So, if a level 1 Fire Controller tries to cause a fire at the furthest distance away (five feet) and manages to hold it for 7 or 8 segments, they will get full points for the effort ie. 20 points.

One must achieve 100 points to go from level 1 to level 2.

200 points level 2 to level 3.

300 points level 3 to level 4.

400 points level 4 to level 5

500 points level 5 to level 6. so, once a PC reaches level 5, they must then earn another 500 points to get to level 6 to become a Master.

Psionic Abilities

The powers or Classes of powers that my Psionics have run along common themes. The specific abilities within those classes of powers will be explained in more detail below.


A "Traveler" is someone who is able to move between the Planes of Existence simply by thinking about it.

While they are able to go to any of the known Planes of Existence, they primarily flip between the Astral Plane and the Material Plane to seemingly disappear and reappear "like magic".

There are four abilities Travelers have;

  1. "Dimension Door"; The ability to instantly transport oneself to another spot just by setting the location in mind. The traveler can move in any direction up, down or sideways as long as no other being is in that same place up to 30 ft per lvl of psionic ability. No chance for travel error but if the location has changed from that the Psionic has remembered, such as floor is no longer there, etc... chance for falling or other damage exists.
  2. "Dimension Walk"; To move great distances in short time by moving in the Astral Plane where 10 minutes of walking equals 21 miles of distance traveled. Chance of losing oneself is 20% chance at 1st lvl. chance of error diminishes by 3% for each level gained.
  3. "Probability Travel"; To transport from one Plane to any other Plane of existence. The Traveler can transport themself or someone else from the Plane they are in to another one or open a gate from another Plane to the Plane the Traveler is currently on. There is a 20% chance at 1st lvl to end up in the wrong place. chance of error diminishes by 3% for each level gained.
  4. "Teleportation"; The Psionic can travel to any place on the Material Plane with other creatures or items with success based on knowledge of the destination. 20% chance at 1st lvl to end up in the wrong place. chance of error diminishes by 3% for each level gained. Travelers can carry up to 250 pound load and beginning at level 4, are able to teleport additional 250 pounds per level of mastery achieved

Teleportation reduces 5 hit points per trip per 250 pounds transported from the travelers Hit Point total at the time of teleport. Like the 5th lvl MU spell, the Traveler has a table of probability to determine how accurately they reach their destination.

Probability of Teleporting
Destination Area Is High On Target Low
Very familiar 01-02 03-99 00
Studied carefully 01-04 05-98 99-00
Seen casually 01-08 09-96 97-00
Viewed Once 01-16 17-92 93-00
Never Seen 01-32 33-84 85-00
Play example: Player declares "teleportation" and rolls 1d6 to determine general success.  If successful, they declare destination and load, rolling to determine
teleportation probability on the table.  After determining success or other result there, deduct total expended Hit Points from Hit Point total.

Weather Controllers

Weather Controllers have these four abilities;

  1. Weather Summoning
  2. Control Weather
  3. Control Winds
  4. Call Lightening

Mind Controllers

Mind Controllers are able to influence the thinking and behaviors of others.

The four abilities of Mind Controllers are;

  1. Hypnosis.
  1. ESP.
  1. Domination
  1. Clairvoyance

Mental Controllers

Mental Controllers have the following four abilities:

  1. Telekinesis
  2. Telepathy
  3. Invisibility
  4. Levitation

Molecular Controllers

Molecular Controllers have the following four abilities;

  1. Levitation
  2. Body Weaponry
  3. Body Equilibrium
  4. Molecular Agitation

Elemental Controllers

Elementals can control one of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water or Wind.

Elementals have four abilities:

  1. Conjure Elemental
  1. Move Earth
  1. Wall of Fire
  1. Control Winds

Health Controllers

Health Controllers have the following four abilities;

  1. Cell Adjustment. Able to cure wounds at 5 HP/level of Psionic mastery. Able to Cure diseases at a cost of 10HP per degree of seriousness of disease per table below. Cost to cure wounds at 2 HP for every 5 healed. Able to breathe underwater as well.
  2. Body Control. The psionic is able to resist damage from cold, fire, poison gasses, radiation, fire, acid, etc... for 1 turn per level of mastery at a cost of 2 HP/turn
  3. Suspend Animation. able to seem as if dead with no progression of disease or wound damage, etc.. during suspended animation. Able to suspend self and at level of mastery 4 another person. Cost of spell is 10HP.
  4. Energy Control. costs 1 point per level of spell or die level of weapon. Shrug off effects of energy damage like lightening strike, fire, cold, etc...
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