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What Kind of Poison Is It?

Have you ever wondered just what the heck kind of poison was on that arrow or dart that hit you when you sprang that trap? Sure, by the book it says it is lethal and will kill you in 1d8 rounds (I think it's rounds).

Wouldn't it be cool to have some variety in the poisons we get hit with though? not just in what does to us, but in how long it takes to affect us, how long it lasts, etc...?

Here is a table that can rub some salt in the wounds.

What Is It?

Random Poisons Table
1d4 Result
1 Lethal; see Immediacy Table (Sub-Table A) & Duration Table (Sub-Table B)
2 Paralyzing; see Immediacy Table (Sub-Table A) & Duration Table (Sub-Table B)
3 Debilitating, sub-table C. Also see Immediacy Table (Sub-Table A) & Duration Table (Sub-Table B)
4 Disease Carrying sub-table D. Also see Immediacy Table (Sub-Table A) & Duration Table (Sub-Table B) see sub-table D

Sub-Table A, Immediacy

Sub-Table A; Immediacy How soon does it take effect
1d6 Result
1 immediate, 1d8 segments
2 Immediate, 1d8 rounds
3 1d8 turns
4 1d8 hours
5 1d8 days
6 1d8 weeks

Sub-Table B, Duration

Sub-Table B; Duration How long do effects last
1d4 Result
1 Permanent
2 1d4 weeks
3 1d4 days
4 1d4 hours

Sub-Table C, Debilitations

Sub-Table C; Debilitations
1d6 Result
1 Can't Breathe
2 Blindness
3 Deafness
4 Loss of touch senses
5 Loss of sense of smell
6 Loss of voice

Sub-Table D, Diseases

Sub-Table D; Diseases
1d10 Result
1 Dysentery
2 Cholera
3 Malaria
4 Small Pox
5 TB
6 Typhoid Fever
7 Yellow Fever
8 Advanced Leprosy
9 Rabies
10 Typhus
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