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In every DM's game world, eventually there will come a point where a party is introduced to a group of some sort. Be it an assassin's Guild to a secret government department to a shadowy group.

In my gameworld of Terra Ursa, there are a few already. The Avengers is one which is a group of self described "heroes" who use their talents and strengths to right wrongs and defend those unable to defend themselves. Another such group are the Knights Grimm.

As I create new adventures and new stories come about, I find myself creating new "forces" in the world to influence the PC's and the world around them.

Knights Grimm

This is a somewhat shadowy, secret guild in which all the members are possessed of psionic powers and only those possessing psionic powers are allowed to be members.

In my gameworld, Psionics are a bit more common than the 1E DMG would allow for. In fact, I have pretty much entirely re-worked psionics in my gameworld to represent more singular abilities with varying strengths and degrees of ability.

Not all people possessed of psionics are members of the Knights Grimm as this is a group that would be considered "Good" aligned" for the most part. There are also "evil" aligned groups and people with psionics who are not affiliated with any group at all.

The inspiration for the Knights Grimm came from the book series "Hard Magic" by Larry Correia.

die Bürgerwehr

This is a secret society of people concerned for freedom and liberty of all sentient beings. They work together to right wrongs by other groups and individuals who would infringe on another's natural rights. They trace their beginnings to the time of the "turn" before the change of everything on this world. It is said that the most valuable possession of the society is an original copy of the founding documents of a place from before the "turn" called the U.S.A. a place, according to those documents where all people were respected as individuals with a sovereignty of their own, each and every one.

die Bürgerwehr is always looking for new agents and members of the society. One does not petition to join. If the Society wants you, they will invite you to become an agent, a contractor so to speak. If they feel an individual is worthy, they will extend an invitation to join and become a member of the Society with all of it's benefits and responsibilities. One can choose to not join if invited. Free and voluntary association is highly regarded among the Society

The Society is informally organized and operated by a "front" that is operationally a thieves guild. This works very much to the society's advantage given the secretive and underground nature of their activities.

Every member of the Society is a member of the thieves guild but not every member of the thieves guild is a member of the Society. Interestingly enough, the thieves guild is vast and present seemingly everywhere. It is itself operating behind a "front" organization that is legal if not socially "honorable". That being the "Fraternal Organization of Miners".

The FOM Locals enjoy a perk that allows them the legal purchase, possession and transport of weapons and explosives in nearly every place they have a chapter established. This is very important in the works of the thieves guild and the Society.

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