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Uerth is a post-apocalypse world. It is the result of mankind taking energy experimentation too far. In the old world, scientists searching for new and alternative solutions created something so powerful as to be beyond the imaginings of reality. This energy source at it's first real test simply "broke" what we think of as reality.

It literally took on a life of its own and from the collective consciousness of all the sentient creatures, made the fictional a reality. Monsters and magic, made real by the unfathomable power that escaped have become commonplace. At the same time, much modern technology is now useless, making the world and the existence of the remaining population simultaneously pre-industrial and mystical.

All of the continents and geography are the same. Political boundaries of former powerful nations have fallen with states and other localities becoming their own realms.

Some ruled by monarchies, others by oligarchies, and a variety of other political and social systems.


Your characters were born into this world Uerth. They never knew what the old world (the world we currently exist in now) is like except from ancient histories, mythology and oral traditions.

You have access to magic, real magic. You have the reality of not just any single deity, if any, guiding the world, but several pantheons filled with greater and lesser deities that have nothing better to do than interact and interfere with the goings on here.

Each character somehow came into an opportunity to do something more with their life than the ordinary. Through training, education, dedication and perhaps even obligation, you now have the beginnings of real power and the chance to go out into the world and be a hero.

Use your wits, your ability to think on your feet, work with others to achieve greater goals and become one of the modern legends in your own right.

The Purpose

This game world is what I have put together for a place to have my homeschooled youngest daughter to play in. I have invited other homeschooled to participate as I put all the adventures together for educational purposes.

Primarily, it is to teach social skills, strategizing, teamwork and thinking outside the box. It also allows me to reinforce vocabulary, math and other school related things as built in components to each game.

A secret password may be the name a a geographic location being studied. The answer to a riddle may be a vocabulary word, a technique to gain a particular item may have to do with something being studied in science.

All of these come together as part of a fun gaming environment which I hope reinforces and encourages learning and thinking on their feet.

The Adventures

I start all my adventures using my adventure generator on the main page. From there, I fill in gaming generalities using various generators on the WizardDawn website. The link to which is also on the main page here.

Finally, I fill in details using content from the topics studied in "class" during homeschooling.

The adventures and the game are meant to be short, maybe 2 hour sessions each in an ongoing campaign to explore the gameworld. Level advancement is not the highest priority. Not nearly as important as keeping things fun and interesting.

In my situation, the goal is to have the players achieving objectives, being successful in planning and carrying out strategic and tactical measures.

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