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Homebrew Or Go Home!


Wiki-Mage: Beyond the Books.

The goal of this site is to take the imaginative and details loving AD&D 1E gamer in new directions. To flesh out your worlds with shared concepts and creations in their full, detail rich glory.

The original goal here was to put AD&D 1st edition materials online into one place.

A lot of info that isn't covered by the core books, (or perhaps isn't covered as well as we might like them to be) we want to "liberate" from the forums and other hidden places across the internet and put here.

Not only that, we want to create new things just for 1E. New character classes, spells, monsters and more we will put in here so that all 1E aficionados can benefit.

Because of this effort to share new material, WikiMage has a new goal of being OSRIC compliant. OSRIC is an open gaming system that has been compared to AD&D 1E and that pretty much everything OSRIC compliant is usable in an AD&D 1E game.

The difference is, being made OSRIC compliant, this new material is able to be shared freely and is not proprietary. It becomes community driven and accessed as "share and share alike", which is great for all of us playing the games.

As this Wiki has just begun it's life, please expect many changes and additions to take place in it's content and appearance.

Please also feel welcome to visit my blog on all things AD&D1E/OSRIC, Welcome To My World. I have been known to start my creative thinking over there and then copying it over into here so you might find some extra background on my monsters and locations, etc... that haven't made it over here yet.

After Salvator Rosa - Jason Poisoning the Dragon

How To Use Wiki-Mage

Ideally, a DM/GM with access to a laptop or tablet will get the most functionality from this site. The DM screens and other tables are intended to be searched/gotten to quickly. The pages are meant to be left open on the mobile computer so that the DM/GM has immediate access to look up the information readily.

Stuff found on the Internet, compliance unknown

The information found in the pages listed in the tables below is not of my own creation and has largely been re-printed from information presented in AD&D oriented magazines and books. I do not claim that any information in these sections must be considered as canonical to the game. Other than that, if you find the materials useful and that they contribute to the overall greatness of your game, so much the better.

DM Stuff

(Open Each of These Pages In Different Browser Tabs)

How To Play AD&D 1E DM Screen DM Screen Supplemental Treasure Tables Cursed Items Bag Of Beans List Dragon XP
Bloated Blowfish's Geomancer Class Dungeon Creation

Gameplay Tools-Links & Downloadable

(As made available by and other AD&D oriented websites)

Experience Point Calculator SBLaxman's Monster List Area Map-Blank Area Map-Medium-Blank Area Map-Large-Blank
Adventure Log Character Log DM Record Sheet Game Time Record Sheet Building Map-Blank
Free Printable Graph Paper DonJon AD&D Online Random Dungeon Generator B.B.'s Gem Tables 1.5 Wizardawn AD&D/OSRIC Online Generators & Magazine (A magazine for "Old School" gamers

Furioso dragon-13-.jpg

OSRIC Compliant

The Manuals

About OSRIC OSRIC Reference Manual 1.1 Color OSRIC Reference Manual 2.2 Color Monsters of Myth
OSRIC a5 Color

Big Bear's World

Let me begin this section by saying this. The houserules and other rule and reference information in this section is NOT necessarily as quoted in the DMG or the OSRIC Manual. This section pertains specifically to my world and how I run my home game. Neither you or even Gary Gygax might agree, but that is irrelevant at this point. I am merely sharing how things are done in my world and I do not suggest that others consider the material in this section as AD&D or OSRIC canon.

All content and pages linked to under this heading are to be considered as copywrite Tony Sandoval (aka bigbearomaha), 2012

Having said that. If you are a player at one of my games, 
the information contained herein might be useful for you 
to know as it will be applied in my games.
Margle's Tomb Big Bear's House Rules My World: Terra Ursa My World: Uerth My Characters Homebrew Spells Enchanted Items Arcane Objects
Alignment Gems & Stones Taking Time Tables Beyond Wandering Monsters Curses Crits & Craps Avenger Class
AD&D1E In Middle Earth Gladiator Games Adventure Generator While You Were Out Generator Monster Hunters Artillerist Class Weaponry
Unique Places To Visit Enchantment Costs Poisons Going Shopping Organizations and Groups Random Stuff Psionics Adapted
Cleric FDP Rating

How to Homebrew

DM Tips How To Homebrew How To Make a Deity/Demigod How To Make A Monster How To Make An Animal [How To Make A Demihuman]

Download Adventures

follow the link below to download adventure modules written be me.

Download Adventures

Credits Where Credits Are Due

Image credits:

"Furioso dragon-13" is used as obtained from the Wikimedia Commons website of free-to-use images.

"Jason Poisoning the Dragon" by Salvator Rosa is used as obtained from the Wikimedia Commons website of free-to-use images.

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