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Geomancers & Gems

A Geomancer is able to attune themselves to gems and stones that have magic in them. I will list below the stones that are known to have powers as provided by the manuscript and I will add new stones with powers as I "discover" them.

Gem Tables

This is the same table in the Geomancer PDF, however, it has been modified to include new spells where the original had vacancies.
# Stone Spells Contained Class
1 Cloud Precipitation 1-CL Fog Cloud 2-IL Cloudburst 3-MU Agate
2 Enhydro Create Water 1-CL Water Breathing 3-D Water Walk 3-CL Agate
3 Fire Firefinger C-MU Flaming Sphere 2-MU Fireball 3-MU Agate
4 Fortification Entangle 1-D Pass Without Trace 1-D Wall of Thorns 6-D Agate
5 Onyx Darkness 1-CL Protection from Normal Missiles 3-MU Extinguish Fire 4-D Agate
6 Plume Fan 1-G Create Smoke 1-G Create Flame 1-G Agate
7 Rainbow Distract C-MU Color Spray 1-IL Silence 15’ Radius 2-MU Agate
8 Sardonyx Augury 2-CL Communicate 6-CL Vision 7-D Agate
9 Snakeskin Chameleon 1-G Speak with Snakes 2-G Summon Shadow 5-IL Agate
10 Thunder Egg NA NA Thunderclap 6-G Agate
11 Yellow Faithful Hound 5-MU Attraction 5-MU Summons 7-CL Citrine
12 Cat's eye Call Feline I - 1-G Darkness, 15’ Radius 2-MU Infravision 3-MU Chrysoberyl
13 Alexandrite Dispel Illusion 3-IL Illusionary Script 3-IL Dispel Hallucinatory Forest 4-IL Chrysoberyl
14 Black Warm C-MU Heat Metal 2-D Fire Storm 7-D Diamond
15 Star Light 1-CL Continual Light 3-CL Lightburst 4-MU Diamond
16 Ocean NA NA Tsunami 6-G Diamond
17 Cat's eye Call Feline II - 2-G NA NA Emerald
18 Star Warp Wood 2-D Splinter 3-G Turn Wood 6-D Emerald
19 Cape Detect Magic* 1-Cl Detect Illusion* 1-IL Detect Life* 2-CL Garnet
20 Imperial Detect Gem* 1-G Detect Evil* 1-Cl Detect Charm* 2-Cl Garnet
21 Bloodstone Taint Food 1-G Pass Plant 5-D Close Wound 6-G Hematite
22 Tempular Sharpness 3-G Wizard Eye 4-MU True Seeing 5-CL Kunzite
23 Peridot Friends 1-MU Strength 2-MU Eye of the Eagle 3-MU Olivine
24 Flame Opal Spark C-G NA Flame Strike 5-CL Opal
25 Honey Opal Create Honey 2-G Speak with Insect 2-G Summon Insects 3-D Opal
26 Pitch Opal Pitch C-G Shatter Glass 2-G Call Canine 1-G Opal
27 Amethyst Cure Light Wounds 1-CL NA Enchantment 5-MU Quartz
28 Tiger's Eye NA Call Feline IV - 4-G NA Quartz
29 Star NA Invisibility 2-MU Meteor Strike 6-G Ruby
30 Cat's Eye NA Call Feline III - 3-G NA Ruby

"*" - Gems that detect will also glow a specific color as the presence it detects is in the proximity. Lesser glow equals within range but not close. Brighter glow is within range and very near.

Detection Color
Magic Purple
Illusion Orange
Life Green
Gem Blue
Evil Red
Charm Yellow
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