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A Good Curse

A curse is at it's base, a spell, oh but what a spell. It's not just a spell, but a really twisted spell.

A good spell has _ components.

1) A purpose/point

2) A punishment

3) A way out

Curses shouldn't be too complicated. They should be able to roll off the tongue like smoothly. Some are little more than pranks, others are righteous revenge.

A caster doesn't have to be evil to cast a curse on someone. Though for "good" aligned characters, it helps if they are doing it to right a wrong done to a good person, etc... Tossing out too many curses just for spite or frivolous reasons will likely end up getting one's alignment changed.

Actually, there are two types or categories of curses.

As mentioned above, all curses should leave a way out. The Hexes should be easier than Vexes.

A Hex might require performing a distasteful task like eating a raw fish head on a full moon while you hop like a frog or something.

A Vex will require something like a quest or a major challenge to break it. It usually has a time limit or it becomes permanent.

A Hex doesn't require much to cast. A hand sign or a look on the face, etc... Along with the correct verbal component.

Vexes may take from hours to days to prepare and cast correctly. They require an investment of intention. Vexes often require items of the intended such as strands of hair, personal belongings, things like that.

Many curses are universal meaning many of them can be used by anyone of any magic using class. Other curses are specific to a certain class.

Hexes are able to be cast before vexes will be available. They are the lower level curses and vexes can be cast by those of high enough levels.

Universal Curses

Druidic Curses

Type: Vex

Level: 4

Clerical Curses

Magic User & Illusionist Curses

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