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"Crits" are Critical Hits. Crits are what happens when a Player rolls a natural 20 on a 20 sided dice. This is as opposed to rolling a 20 that includes added bonuses for strength or such.

"Craps", well, that's what happens when you roll a natural 1 on the d20. You essentially just shot craps.

I like to do things randomly. It's a lot of fun making things up as you go along. Rolling dice helps create that random-ness.

It's not every time you roll a d20 that a 20 or a 1 shows up. That's a special event. Why not allow some extra fun for such a thing coming up?

Below are tables for when Crits and Craps are rolled on the "To Hit" roll.

Type 1


On a Natural 20, automatic hit, max damage per weapon type plus bonuses

On a roll totaling 20, including bonuses (roll an 18 with a +2 bonus to hit or similar), 1 less than max damage per weapon type plus bonuses. (ie, if weapon damage is 1 to 6 then damage is 5 automatically.)

On a roll of greater than 20, including to Hit bonuses, (ie, total score of 21 or greater) same as above plus automatic roll on Permanent Damage Table.


On a roll of a Natural 1, automatic miss, no damage.

On a natural roll of Minimum required To Hit, automatic minimum damage per weapon type, plus bonuses

On a roll totaling Minimum required To Hit (including bonuses, ie, need a 15 To Hit and you roll a 13 with +2 in bonuses =15 exactly)automatic minimum damage, no damage bonuses allowed.

Type 2


Rolled on 1d6

  1. Dis-arm/stun opponent
  2. Knock out opponent
  3. Inflict double damage to opponent
  4. Inflict triple damage to opponent
  5. Severe limb of opponent (1-arm, 2-leg, 3-hand, 4-ear, 5-foot, 6-finger(1d5, 1=pinky) 1=left, 2=right)
  6. Kill opponent up to same level as PC, lethally wound opponent up to 2 levels above PC (takes them down to 1d4 HP)


Rolled on 1d6

  1. Weapon stuck / snared / dropped. Requires 1d3 round to retrieve or let it go. (animal intelligence will run away in fear)
  2. Weapon must make a save vs. crushing blow or it is broken.
  3. Hit Ally - roll damage and deal that amount to a random ally within 10 feet; if there are no allies in that distance, ignore this result.
  4. Minor damage to self -twisted joint, pulled muscle, charlie horse, etc... lose 1 round. 1d4 damage
  5. Full damage to self - roll full damage per weapon type
  6. Lethal hit to self, drop to 0 HP, bleeding out 1 HP/round until healed, bandaged or until -10/Dead.
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