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What Is FDP

FDP refers to a Cleric's Faith, Devotion and Piety rating.

Faith is how much someone truly believes in a deity or entity. Do they believe in their chosen deity fully? Do they harbor any doubts of their deity's abilities or willingness to aid their followers?

Devotion is how committed to following the rites and rules of the deity and the Church/temple/etc... Do they hold themselves to following the rites and rules to the letter each and every time?

Piety is how "true" someone is to their beliefs. Do they always stand up for their deity or the ways of their order. Do they allow transgressions based on indecisiveness or other motivations. Do they allow fear, uncertainty and doubt to how well they represent their deity, church, order, etc...?

These are general guidelines. Use your imagination based on the nature of the deity on how to "fine tune" how a benevolent deity might judge the Cleric. A hard-ass deity or a deity that sees everything negatively or pessimistically.

Assessing The Ratings

I give each category a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the categories Faith, Devotion and Piety.

At the end of each gaming session, I give Clerics and druids a Rating. This way each new session starts with the most recent activity reflected and the god's pleasure or displeasure is noted and the consequent results can be included before gameplay begins.

When determining to level up a Cleric or Druid PC once the appropriate XP are reached the FDP rating can influence the ease or likelihood of being allowed to gain the next level or not. You can use just the most recent rating or create a composite or average of the last few or all of the ratings over the last full adventure or since the last level up to influence the outcome.

The Composite Score

Once each of the categories has been rated, the three scores are added together and the sum is divided by 3.

For example... A Cleric who scores a 5 on Faith, a 3 on devotion and a 4 on Piety will add those up to equal 12. Divide that by 3 and the composite score is a 4.

Any score that is in between such as a 3.2, etc... shall be rounded up if .5 or higher and rounded down if below .5. thus someone with a 3.2 composite score would be treated as having a score of a 3. A composite score of 3.6 would be handled as though it were a score of a 4.

FDP Composite Score Judgment

There are consequences, good and bad, for having a given composite FDP score.

Having a score of:

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