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What Is A Geomancer

A geomancer, according to creator "Bloated Blowfish", is a new class that is somewhat a combination of cleric and magic user.

It allows magic spells to be cast by using the innate powers of gemstones that only certain people can "feel"/use.

It is a class ideally suited toward gnomes but all races can be a geomancer.


The following PDF's can be downloaded and contain all the basic, requisite information to create a Geomancer.

Gem Tables 1.5 This is a listing of most common gemstones and the power they possess that only a Geomancer can tap into.

Geomancer This PDF provides the basic information to create and run a Geomancer PC.


The information below is information collected from discussions in forums and emails with Bloated Blowfish and others in regard to clarifying and expanding upon the geomancer class.

Terminology/Concepts Q & A

What is attuning? - Attuning is essentially the same thing as "studying" as any other spell caster is expected to do before "recharging".

How many stones/gems can one be "atttuned" to simultaneously? - Since there is a spell limit, that depends on the level of the Geomancer. However, there are some base spells that he, like a mage, has available automatically - so he doesn't have to use a spell slot on those.

How long does it take to "attune" oneself to a stone? - 8 hours - in line with other classes.

Why is constitution a prerequisite rather than intelligence? - Because the Geomancer doesn't draw energy from within, but rather in concert with the stone, the hardiness of the Geomancer is required to sustain him.

Can they use any spell in their repertoire when the need arises (as long as they have the appropriate gemstone)? - As long as they are:

A) at a sufficient level to cast the spell

B) have selected/written down the spells they wish to cast for that day

They can.

How many charges do gems have, and what happens to them when they are used? Are they consumed when the final charge is spent, or do they just go dead until recharged? - Only 3 stones are depleted and crumble when the spell they contain is released:

Thunder Egg Agate

Ocean Diamond

Star Ruby

Do they (geomancers) have a special save against crystal forms of magic that is used against them (IOUN stones for instance)? - a Geomancer would gain a minimal +1 to a magic save versus crystal forms of magic. IF said crystals come from the Planes of Prime, Salt, and Earth, then a Geomancer gains an additional +1, but stones from other planes they would not.

Do they still select the spells they wish to cast that day, rather than taking along every gem they own? - They choose which gems to use subject to their limit/level/day and can only use those particular ones until they prepare a different selection the next day.

Do Geomancers need to sleep as do magic-users and clerics before they can prepare more gem spells, or does the recharging of their gems take the place of that? - The Geomancer will need to sleep/rest like any other character, but the recharging of the stones replaces their need to pray for/meditate to regain spells in the typical manner.

Recharging Stones

How long it takes to recharge a drained stone? -3 methods are known to recharge a gem, while others may exist.

1) Place the spent gem into Sea Salt for 8 hours. 2) Run the spent gem in fresh running cold water for 4 hours. 3) Place the spent gem in full (or new) moonlight for 4 hours.

Sea salt, if sea salt recharges stones, does sea salt itself become depleted or unable to recharge? - Pure (unused) Sea Salt recharges gems/stones in 8 hours. Once the salt has been used for one (1) recharging, it can still be used for other purposes, i.e., seasoning food, sealing a circle or use as a material spell component. However its effectiveness for another recharge is reduced substantially to the point that a second attempt to cleanse/renew a stone doubles in length. I.E., 16 hours.

After a second use for recharging, the salt can only be used for seasoning.

Spell Table

C=Cantrip # Level of spell MU=Magic User I=Illusionist D=Druid C=Cleric G=Geomancer

Spells Contained
# Stone Spell1 Spell2 Spell3 Class
1 Cloud Precipitation 1-CL Fog Cloud 2-IL Cloudburst 3-MU Agate
2 Enhydro Create Water 1-CL Water Breathing 3-D Water Walk 3-CL Agate
3 Fire Firefinger C-MU Flaming Sphere 2-MU Fireball 3-MU Agate
4 Fortification Entangle 1-D Pass Without Trace 1-D Wall of Thorns 6-D Agate
5 Onyx Darkness 1-CL Protection from Normal Missiles 3-MU Extinguish Fire 4-D Agate
6 Plume Fan 1-G Create Smoke 1-G Create Flame 1-G Agate
7 Rainbow Distract C-MU Color Spray 1-IL Silence 15’ Radius 2-MU Agate
8 Sardonyx Augury 2-CL Communicate 6-CL Vision 7-D Agate
9 Snakeskin Chameleon 1-G Speak with Snakes 2-G Summon Shadow 5-IL Agate
10 Thunder Egg NA NA Thunderclap 6-G Agate
11 Yellow Faithful Hound 5-MU Attraction 5-MU Summons 7-CL Citrine
12 Cat's eye Call Feline I - 1-G Darkness, 15’ Radius 2-MU Infravision 3-MU Chrysoberyl
13 Alexandrite Dispel Illusion 3-IL Illusionary Script 3-IL Dispel Hallucinatory Forest 4-IL Chrysoberyl
14 Black Warm C-MU Heat Metal 2-D Fire Storm 7-D Diamond
15 Star Light 1-CL Continual Light 3-CL Lightburst 4-MU Diamond
16 Ocean NA NA Tsunami 6-G Diamond
17 Cat's eye Call Feline II - 2-G NA NA Emerald
18 Star Warp Wood 2-D Splinter 3-G Turn Wood 6-D Emerald
19 Cape Detect Magic 1-Cl Detect Illusion 1-IL Detect Life 2-CL Garnet
20 Imperial Detect Gem 1-G NA NA Garnet
21 Bloodstone Taint Food 1-G Pass Plant 5-D Close Wound 6-G Hematite
22 Tempular NA Wizard Eye 4-MU True Seeing 5-CL Kunzite
23 Peridot Friends 1-MU Strength 2-MU Eye of the Eagle 3-MU Olivine
24 Flame Opal Spark C-G NA Flame Strike 5-CL Opal
25 Honey Opal Create Honey 2-G Speak with Insect 2-G Summon Insects 3-D Opal
26 Pitch Opal Pitch C-G Shatter Glass 2-G Call Canine 1-G Opal
27 Amethyst Cure Light Wounds 1-CL NA NA Quartz
28 Tiger's Eye NA Call Feline IV - 4-G NA Quartz
29 Star NA NA Meteor Strike 6-G Ruby
30 Cat's Eye NA Call Feline III - 3-G NA Ruby

New Stones/Spells

Star Sapphire:

Jolene's Vesper

level: 3


Range: 0

Components: Star Sapphire

Duration: Permanent

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 10 Feet per level of Caster

Saving Throw: None

When cast, gentle mist falls upon all within the area of effect, soothing their bodies and curing 2d8+2 HP. All characters whom are within the area of effect of Jolene's Vesper when resting that night receive an additional +2 HP restored due to a deeper healing sleep. Normal fires (even candles) are not effected due to the magical nature of the mist.

Otherwise, this spell is the same in all respects as the first level Cleric cure light wounds spell.

Moon Light

level: 5

type: Geomancer

Range: 0

Components: Star Sapphire

Duration: Permanent

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: Creature touched

Saving Throw: None

When cast, moonlight pours onto the target bathing their wounds and curing 3d8+4 HP. Otherwise, this spell is the same in all respects as the first level Cleric cure light wounds spell.

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