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From Dragon Magazine, Issue #171, p. 95

101 Surprises in a Bag of Beans

Who says that beans are good for you?

by Mathew Schutt

Because of the attention given to AD&D game magical items such as the deck of many things (DRAGON(r) issue #148) and wand of wonder (issue #147), the following list has been conjured to be used as an imaginative catalyst whenever a bag of beans is used. If it seems that a majority of these effects are harmful, remember that the bag is an item used only in extremis or in great curiosity. All magical effects should be assumed to be cast at 12th level of ability, unless otherwise specified. Just roll ld100 for each bean, selecting option #101 for the last bean. Statistics for most monsters and spells should be referenced in the appropriate AD&D 2nd Edition manuals. Unless noted otherwise, all items and beings created by a bean are permanent and may be destroyed or slain normally. And in every case, the DM may make any adjustments to these results he feels appropriate.


Roll 1-10

1. Toadstools, 10-100 of them, grow from the ground about the planted bean. If eaten, they are either poisonous (50%), requiring a save vs. poison at - 2 to avoid death, or act as goodberries (50%), as per the second level priest spell. The toad-stools vanish after 24 hours.

2. A 20'-tall tree with 24 assorted fruits springs from the ground instantly. When a fruit is cut, crushed, or bitten, out springs a device of some sort (as per the random-roll table for a robe of useful items). The tree vanishes after 48 hours, but items from it remain.

3. A great whirlwind (exactly like one created by a djinn) instantly forms above the bean, wreaks havoc, and dissolves a round later.

4. A 50'-diameter hemisphere of darkness is created and remains until dispelled (see the first-level priest spell).

5. A geyser erupts, throwing water 20' into the air for 1-12 rounds. If desired, the water may be replaced by another non-magical liquid, such as ale, beer, berry juice, tea, vinegar, wine, or crude oil.

6. A pheasant jumps up from the soil and attempts to fly away (Ac 6; MV 3, fly 24; HD 1/4; hp 2; no attacks). If stopped and investigated, it may be discovered that 1-4 of its feathers are magical Quaal's feather tokens.

7. A spring bubbles up. The first person who drinks from it has his age reduced by 1-12 years. Succeeding drinks age a drinker by 10-120 years per drink.

8. A number of powerful zombies (#AP 3-24; AC 4; MV 12; HD 2; hp 16;#AT 2; Dmg 1-8/1-8; THACO 19) crawl forth and attack all living things. The zombies cannot be turned and move so fast as to always strike first in a melee round.

9. A 60'-diameter earthquake spell strikes the area, with the planted bean at its center.

10. A chaotic-evil treant (AC 0; MV 12; HI) 12; hp 52; #AT 2; Dmg 4-24; THACO 9) of the largest size appears and attempts to destroy all living beings it can reach 10' in diameter.

Roll 11-20


11. A pool of molten lava rises to the surface, and expands another 10' every round until it is a maximum of 50' in diameter. Anyone caught in the lava receives 10-80 hp damage per round. The lava will remain above ground and slowly cool.

12. Gases erupt from the ground within a 60'-diameter area around the bean and have a mutating effect; anyone caught in them must save vs, spells or be affected as per a 1d4 die roll: 1) gain 1-4 hp permanently; 2) lose 1-4 hp permanently; 3) lycanthropy (DM's choice of type); 4) get a rotting disease, as if touched by a mummy.

13. Conjured animals begin to rise from the earth, one animal of the DM's choice appearing each round until 24 HD total have arrived (see the sixth-level priest spell). They remain until slain or 24 rounds have elapsed. They behave as if they were under a confusion enchantment (see the seventh-level priest spell). If the result is "Act normally for one round" the animal obeys the wishes of the bean planter.

14. A special incendiary cloud flows up from the ground, remaining for two full turns in a volume 20' in height and 40' in length and breadth. It remains dormant until any spells or spell-like effects are activated within it. Damage is 1 hp per level of the spell cast per round.

15. A pair of huge, disembodied, magical hands come forth. One is a Bigby's grasping hand and the other a Bigby's clenched fist, Each will attack or hold immobilized a random target within 90' of the bean for 12 rounds.

16. Fast-growing roots reach up from the ground and wrap about creatures as an entangle spell (40'-square area), lasting for 10-80 hours.

17. A pit, 40' square and 10'-100' deep, opens up beneath the bean planter

18. An opening in the ground appears where the bean was planted. If entered and explored, the underground complex proves to be the sewers beneath a major city. The opening to the sewer complex, which is a sort of long distance gate, closes after 1-100 rounds, possibly stranding characters in their new locale.

19. A simulacrum of the bean planter rises from the ground. The duplicate joins forces with the planter initially, but after 2-20 days it decides to break away to establish a career of its own. Only 1-10 days later, it melts.

20. An apparatus of Kwalish appears, being operated by a single unarmed hobgoblin (hp 7).

Roll 21-30


21. The area around the bean is struck by transmute rock to mud (100'-cube area of effect). The area reverts to stone after 2-8 rounds, entombing anything within it.

22. A black sphere rises from the ground, appearing as a sphere of annihilation. The sphere moves at a speed of 9, chasing after random targets (one target per round). The exact effects of the sphere once it touches a creature are left up to the DM. Possibilities are the destruction of magical items (as a rod of cancellation) or the draining of spells from the minds of casters. The sphere cannot be affected in any manner whatsoever, but if all living creatures manage to avoid its touch for three rounds in a row, it disappears.

23. A clear pool of water rises to the surface. The planter of the bean may ask the pool a question and receive a vision, as per the seventh-level wizard spell of the same name. If the powers are annoyed, the bean planter is attacked by three water weirds (AC 4; MV IZ; HD 3+3; hp 16; THACO 15; SA drowning).

24. A stone statue in the exact likeness of the bean planter grows from the ground. It makes all sorts of spoken threats against the planter, but it does nothing more. If left behind, it Will direct anyone who will listen to its lies to attack the planter. Worse, it always knows exactly where the planter is.

25. A female arm wielding an impressive sword of random type thrusts up from the ground in the style of the famous Lady of the Lake and Excalibur. The sword can be taken only by the bean planter, after which the arm descends back into the earth. If the planter is a paladin, this is the moment to give him a holy avenger; otherwise, the weapon is a sun blade.

26. The planted bean summons a meteor from outer space that strikes the ground within five rounds. Anyone standing directly over the bean (the point of impact) is instantly killed, and all his items are destroyed. Only a wish can restore him to life again. All creatures within 30' receive 10-40 hp damage (save vs. breath weapon for half damage). A crater 10' in diameter is left behind.

27. A special bush grows with fire seeds, as per the sixth-level priest spell; 14 missiles and 2-8 incendiaries can be picked.

28. A minor death (AC -4; 33 hp; MV 24; strikes with a pitchfork for 2-8 hp damage, never misses, always striking first in a round and always pursuing) appears and attacks the bean planter as if he drew the Skull card from the deck of many things. Only one such creature appears, but only blows and spells from the planter affect this being.

29. A wall of thorns springs up instantly in a 20' X 20' X 20' cube, trapping all creatures in this area.

30. A wondrous, articulate war horse appears and offers the planter of the bean a ride to any destination desired. If the offer is accepted, the horse takes its rider to the floor of Hades' first layer, then disappears. If the offer is not accepted, the horse disappears.

Roll 31-40


31. An iron golem pops into existence and attacks all nearby living things one by one. In its forehead are set three gems: a gem of brightness, a gem of seeing, and a gem worth 5,000 gp.

32. A chariot of Sustarre (as per the seventh-level cleric spell) is conjured to serve the planter of the bean for 18 turns. Then it explodes in a 6-36 hp fireball. Those on the chariot take maximum dam-age, no save, This could prove even more deadly if the chariot is being used in the sky when it blows up.

33. An ancestral spirit of the bean planter is summoned. If the DM feels the planter has been faithful to his alignment, the ghostly ancestor will reward his descendant with 10,000 experience points. Otherwise, the spirit will strip away a like amount from the planter and give warning for the planter to change his ways.

34. A single campfire springs forth. Its flames are blue but otherwise normal.

35. A huge and gaudy marble fountain, decorated with nymphs and dolphins, rises from the earth, spraying water high into the air. A few copper coins (2-5) can be found in its basin. The fountain ceases after 2-12 rounds. If cast indoors, the fountain fills the room in which it appears, to a height of 20'.

36. A creeping doom crawls forth and moves in a random direction, attacking all creatures who do not escape its wrath. Beyond the initial 80 yards, the insect mass loses 50 of its number for every 10 yards it travels.

37. An extradimensional creature ap. pears as if an iron flask were opened. It is very angry, totally hostile, and has maximum hit points. If "empty" is rolled on the table, roll again until a creature turns up; in this case, the monster is only an illusion,

38. A well of many worlds opens up in the ground. It can be picked up and carried away.

39. A hostile earth elemental (AC 2; MV 6; HD 16; hp 8a; #AT 1; Dmg 4-32; THACO 7; SD + 2 or better weapon to hit) is conjured. To make matters worse, the planter of the bean and the elemental swap mental consciousnesses. Thus, the planter's body will go about pummeling people with his fists, while the planter must make do with an elemental form. If either the planter or elemental are destroyed, this malady becomes permanent. Player and DM creativity must be used to remedy the situation.

40. A hole in the ground opens up. Out crawls a wyvern with 500 gp gems for eyes, the ability to detect invisible objects, and the ability to breathe a cone of cold (for 6d4 + 6 hp damage) once every other round. When slain, the creature transforms into harmless blue smoke; the gems are left behind.

Roll 41-50


41. Sixteen thick and thorny vines crawl from the ground and, with evil sentience, seek out victims. The vines are 40' long and AC 4, have 12 hp each, and wrap around and constrict their victims, Inflicting 2-8 hp damage every round after the first successful attack.

42. Flowers shoot up from the ground for 120 yards around the planted bean. On the following round, they emit clouds of magical pollen. All creatures in the area fall instantly asleep for 1-12 rounds (no save allowed). Some of these creatures '2-5, chosen randomly) will each be granted a limited wish of their own design, stemming from their dreams. Have the players describe their characters' dreams without knowing the consequences, then tailor the results accordingly.

43. Appearing from the ground to attack the bean planter is a young adult red dragon. If slain, a magical red ruby will be found in the muscle of the dragon's heart. This ruby acts as a wand of fireballs, fully charged.

44. A cloud of solid fog, 120 yards in diameter and 20 yards high, rises from the earth, lasting 20 rounds or until dispersed. Just 1-20 rounds later, a death fog spell rises from the earth, lasting another 20 rounds and having the same dimensions.

45. An enchanted heavy catapult appears. It is + 1 to attack and has double normal range. It will fire by itself every other round, requiring people only to load it. The catapult will also shrink upon command to 1 in height. Once per day, it can hurl a ball lightning missile (4-48 hp damage; see ring of shooting stars for details).

46. A huge hemispherical chunk of ground, 150 yards in radius about the bean, rips itself free from the earth and floats away. Characters standing on it are possibly stranded several hundred feet above the ground or are carried to a foreign land.

47. Nothing seems to happen. If the planter digs up the bean again, he will discover a nugget of gold worth 50 gp. further excavation proves this site to be a suitable gold mine. Serious digging may be costly, however, and also means encounters with beings not happy to see miners (angry duergar, drow, purple worms, etc.). See "In a Cavern, In a Canyon;' in DRAGON issue #152, for details on mining in fantasy games.

48. Nothing apparently happens, but two invisible stalkers of maximum hit points are conjured. They follow the bean planter and attempt to steal away the bag of beans at the most opportune moment. Resistance causes the stalkers to attack.

49. A Leomund's secure shelter springs forth. Inside are 6-9 trolls of different types and maximum hit points who consider this their home. If the DM's so desires, a trapdoor in the floorboards of the shelter leads to an extradimensional dungeon of the DM's own design.

50. Only 2-8 rounds after the bean is planted, a Daern's instant fortress grows upward so quickly that all within 10 yards sustain 10-100 hp damage from its growth. Whoever planted the bean may command the fortress's entrance to open or close. The fortress is permanent but can never be moved or shrunk to its cube form.

Roll 51-60


51. A number of toads (1d4 +8) crawl from the earth. Whenever a toad is touched, it will polymorph into a random monster (check the Monstrous Compendium and roll on the monster summoning spell table of the appropriate level for the party). Every third round, a toad will polymorph without being touched.

52. Immediately after the bean is planted, a huge tent (30' X 30' X 10') springs up, enclosing all creatures within its volume. The tent is furnished lavishly with velvet pillows, golden lamps, porcelain vases, exotic tapestries, etc. and is pervaded with the scent of rich spices. All creatures in the tent are subject to sympathy as per the 8th-level wizard spell; those failing to save vs. spells will not leave the tent. Anything removed from the tent turns into scraps of paper, sticks, rocks, etc. unless removed by a thief, in which case they stay normal. Individual items have values of 100-1,000 gp each. Each thief may remove as many items from the tent as he has levels of experience as a thief; thereafter, items turn into debris as noted previously. The tent vanishes after one day.

53. A mass of 4-24 laughing skulls, flying on batlike wings, spring from the ground and surround the bean planter The demonic laughter prevents any sleep or spell-casting requiring verbal components. For each day of sleeplessness, the planter takes a -1 penalty on attacks, defenses, and saving throws. The skulls cannot be attacked by any means except one, chosen by the DM (this method may be uncovered by divination spells). The skulls remain for 2-8 days, then fly away. They will not interfere in combat, though some beings might avoid a victim so affected.

54. The bean planter receive. an Un-hatched dragon's egg of a random type. It will hatch in 2-12 hours if kept warm. 55. A wishing well springs up. It will grant a wish to the first person who tosses in a coin and to a second person who dumps in at least 1,000 gp worth of coins or treasure. The well disappears after the second wish.

56. A great fissure in the ground opens up. It is very narrow (only 4' wide), so the bottom cannot be seen. Nothing other than possible injuries will come of climbing down into the crevasse, which is 1-4 miles deep and l0d12 X 100 yards long. After 5-20 days, the crevasse closes up again, swallowing anything within it.

57. Mist rises from the ground and, after 2-5 rounds, takes on the form of a dragon. This "dragon" breathes a blast of steam and vapor upon any creatures in the area. Damage is 6-36 hp. After it breathes, the dragon-cloud dissipates forever It cannot be attacked except by magical electricity, which causes the cloud to fade away while it is forming-only to reappear behind the bean planter 1-4 hours later The cloud continues to reappear until it has the chance to breath its steam.

58. A rope grows upward to a length of 30'. If the rope is climbed, an extradimensional space is found (as per the rope trick spell). It will last for four hours, after which the rope assumes the abilities of a rope of climbing.

59. A beanstalk grows up into the air If climbed, it leads either to a cloud castle, to wildspace (for a SPELLJAMMER adventure), or to a different plane of existence (a cloud city on the elemental plane of Air?).

60. A lesser basilisk of average hit points crawls from the ground. Its gaze attack does not turn people to stone but rather ages them 5-50 years. The basilisk wanders away after a turn.

Roll 61-70


61. An umber hulk of maximum hit points digs its way out of the earth, then attempts to maim or kill as many characters as it can before burrowing back into the ground 1-100 rounds later. If slain, the umber hulk changes color and utters one prophecy before it turns into dust. The prophecy will always come true (the DM should use his best judgment here).

62. An entire one-story tavern pops up from the ground. The pub's interior is occupied by helpful unseen servants who dish out helpings of a heroes' feast. This tavern remains in place for 3-12 days before vanishing.

63. An insane gynosphinx (maximum hit points) appears and attempts to devour any creatures who cannot answer its silly children's riddles.

64. The area about the bean within a 1-4 mile radius suffers its own chaotic weather patterns. The weather changes every turn for 4-48 hours. Choose weather types randomly from those listed in the seventh level control weather priests' spell.

65. A patch of pumpkins, 40 yards square in area, grows instantly. The pumpkins ripen, over-ripen, go foul, then burst open. Everyone in the area is affected by a stinking cloud spell and must save vs. breath weapon or contract a debilitating disease (see the third-level priest spell cure disease for details). However, 1-6 pumpkins will not explode, but they will have instead turned into scarecrows (Monstrous Compendium, GREYHAWK(r) appendix) of maximum hit points, and they will attack the party after two rounds. If they slay the PCs, these monsters will roam the land.

66. The planted bean becomes a delayed blast fireball of 18th level, exploding in five rounds.

67. The DM's favorite dinosaur (maximum hit points) grows out of the ground to create a little havoc among the PCs.

68. A squirrel or other woodland creature comes along, digs up the bean, and quickly devours it. The animal then addresses the bean planter in Common and may answer questions as a sage skilled in every field of knowledge. If the planter has no questions, the animal will give clues to the location of a magical artifact. One hour after eating the bean, the animal reverts to normal, though it will now follow the PCs wherever they go (it does nothing else).

69. A female vampire exits the ground at nightfall, wielding a vorpal weapon and a rope of entanglement. She will track down the bean planter to kill him. The vampire requires no coffin, merely staying in gaseous form for 12 turns when it is slain and re-forming thereafter. Her magical items may be gathered as treasures.

70. A huge eyeball 1' in diameter rises from the ground and floats 6' up in the air. All who gaze upon the eye must save vs. petrification or be transformed into statues of wax, wood, glass, ice, gold, lead, iron, or salt (roll 1d8). This can only be reversed with a wish.

Roll 71-80


71. A pyxis, a unique wooden box of intricate design, appears in place of the bean (it must be dug up). It is worth 5,000 gp. If ever opened, a horde of 10-100 grotesque monsters pours from it at the rate of 1-4 monsters per melee round. The pyxis can be shut only with a strength roll to bend bars and lift gates. These monsters could include aboleths, beholders, bulettes, giant crabs, giant crayfish, giant leeches, otyughs, remorhaz, ropers, rust monsters, giant scorpions, shambling mounds, slithering trackers, giant slugs, thessalmonsters, umber hulks, and xorn; all have randomly determined hit points. If all monsters are allowed to escape the pyxis, the person who opened the box is given one wish (but the wish cannot undo the opening of the pyxis).

72. Immediately after the bean is planted, a rumbling in the earth is heard. On the round after, a herd of white-furred mastodons is seen stampeding toward the area of the bean. How many they number and how far away they are depends on party strength and conditions of the environment. The mastodons have average hit points. Their tusks have normal value for ivory.

73. A cage like throne appears. It allows travel into the Ethereal and Astral planes at will, for one person only. It cannot be moved from the spot on which it appeared by any means. The throne may be used 1-4 times before it vanishes again.

74. This bean summons a kender handler from the DRAGONLANCE(r) setting of Krynn. The kender may either be adopted as a normal player character, if a player for him is available, or he may be run as an NPC. The kender is of the same level as the rest of the party and has no magical items or treasure-but he will soon!

75. A hostile skeletal creature crawls out of the ground. The creature has all of the same abilities, statistics, and possessions as the bean planter (as per a mirror of opposition) and wears black clothing or armor similar to that worn by the planter The beast attacks the planter and disappears, with all its items, once slain. Only spells and attacks from the planter affect this creature.

76. A renegade leprechaun appears for one hour. It is dressed in red clothing and speaks in a normal Common accent. If upset, it attacks with its special ability to use wizards' symbols (any except a symbol of death; useable once per round, one symbol at a time, inscribed in the air). If given a magical item that is not cursed, the leprechaun grants a limited wish, then vanishes.

77. A harp floats up from the ground and plays by itself, filling the air with a soft, gentle music. All within 60' must save vs. spells or succumb to a magical effect (sleep, fear confusion, or other) that lasts 2d8 rounds.

78. The ground in a 60-yard radius around the planted bean oozes with a bubbly tan A creature must roll a strength check every round to successfully move. Movement is cut down to one third normal in any case.

79. A hollow sphere of iron, 30' in diameter, with the planted bean at its center, is conjured. It will imprison any creatures within its area. Note that half of the sphere is hidden beneath the ground.

80. A giant oak tree grows with 10-100 acorns made of different substances-glass, amber, chocolate, jade, etc. The value of any one acorn is no more than 100 gp. The tree will regrow acorns normally once all of its unusual acorns have been picked or have fallen.

Roll 81-90


81. A wall of stone appears 500' in the air above the area where the bean was planted, and it starts to fall. The square wall is 3" thick and 20' on a side. Though it does great amounts of damage (20-200 hp; saving throw vs. death magic required if 50 + hp taken) to all it lands on, only the very slow or stupid should be unable to get out of its way. Have each character near the bean make an intelligence check on 1(120 to notice the falling wall or its shadow and escape.

82. A nest of 4-7 eggs springs from the ground. If an egg is eaten, a save vs. poison must be made. The person gains a point of intelligence if the save is successful, but dies otherwise.

83. A pillar of stone 30' in diameter rises from the ground and lifts all creatures in the area 100' into the air The pillar vanishes in 3-6 turns, dropping anyone on it.

84. A simple silver headband appears on the head of the bean planter It cannot be removed, and it reduces the character's level to zero. He retains all acquired hit points and ability scores, but is effectively a normal being. The person may assume a new profession and gain experience and levels in this class. The DM may allow the character to later perform a difficult quest for his patron deity or alignment. At the completion of the quest, the silver headband disappears forever, and the character can add the new experience-point total to his original profession or keep both classes.

85. An area 30 yards in diameter about the bean turns into a sand pit. All creatures within that area must make dexterity checks or be drawn all the way down to its center, wherein awaits either an ant lion of maximum hit points, an underground cavern, or a one-day gateway to another dimension.

86. The bean transforms into a ball of soft pastel light that floats up from the ground and approaches the nearest character If a character allows the light to touch him, each item worn must save vs. disintegration or be transmuted into non-magical glass. On the other hand, the character gains one point to his lowest ability score.

87. The planter becomes imprisoned within the bean. Crystal balls and various divination spells will reveal what happened to the character The person can be freed of the bean only by the spells wish or freedom, or by another creature volunteering to take the character's place.

88. The bean turns into a black-purplish gem, shooting up from the ground and embedding itself in the bean planter's forehead, inflicting 1-12 hp damage. Thereafter; whenever the character is injured, the gem drains any charged magical items, such as wands, within 20' of his person. For every charge drained, the character is healed for 1 hp. Only one charge is drained per round. This is not a voluntary power; it occurs whether the character wills it or not. As side effects, the character's eyes turn blood red, his fingernails grow long, his teeth become pointed, and his hair grows white. These effects can be undone only with a wish, but the character is otherwise unaffected.

89. Some creatures within 120 yards of the bean shrink while others grow (50% chance for either, no save), both by ratios of 200%. Both effects last 12 turns.

90. tombstone springs up with the name of the bean planter engraved on it. The character faints for 2-8 rounds, unless aroused earlier. For 1-4 weeks afterward, he has a - 4 penalty to all saving throws against magical fear.

Roll 91-101


91. The bean becomes a powerful magnet, drawing all ferrous metallic items within 60' toward it, All characters in metallic armor are held paralyzed until helped out of the armor. Metallic items can be pulled out of the area of effect only with strength rolls to bend bars and lift gates. All items are considered 10 times their normal weight when being carried from the magnet within its area of effect. The magnetic effect ends in 24 hours. The bean then turns into a 5,000 gp gem.

92. A disembodied fanged maw appears in the air 4' off the ground; only the huge teeth are visible. The mouth, which cannot be harmed in any manner, opens to reveal a small extradimensional space. Inside the space may be a large cache of gems, several small magical items, or one powerful magical item. Reaching in to snatch items requires a dexterity check on 1d20. Failure indicates the mouth snaps shut on the character's arm, inflicting 4-40 hp damage and injuring the limb so badly that only a heal spell will restore it. Nonliving items thrust into the maw will be bitten in half and destroyed. The mouth vanishes after 10 rounds.

93. A rolled-up tapestry appears. Engraved within its patterns is a symbol of death. The tapestry also shows a fairly accurate map to an ancient, undiscovered treasure horde (but not an unguarded horde).

94. An ogre mage suddenly appears over the planted bean and attacks the planter of the bean. In addition to its normal powers, the ogre mage has the ability to use any power that is used upon it. For example, it could cast a spell previously used against it or attack several times in one round if attacked by someone with the same ability. The ogre mage uses a randomly determined magical polearm that may be gained as treasure.

95. A seemingly normal apple tree grows. It holds 1d10 + 20 fruit, 2-8 of which will behave as randomly determined magical potions (not oils) if eaten. At least one apple is poisonous. While a person picks apples, branches in the tree quietly attempt to steal small trinkets from him. The branches have an 80% chance to pick pockets, taking one item per round and hiding such items among the leaves. The tree and all stolen items vanish after one hour, though any apples picked remain behind, staying fresh and retaining all powers for one month.

96. A small pyramid bursts upward from the ground. If its simple interior is investigated, a mummy with maximum hit points is found, wielding a fully charged staff of withering and talisman of ultimate evil. If the mummy is slain, it turns into gold dust worth 1db X 1,000 gp

97. A pair of bulettes with maximum hit points burrow out of the earth, attack and devour as many victims as they can in 20 rounds, then return to the earth. If slain, each has a magical shield of random type as one of its back scales.

98. The area around the bean is struck by a fire storm (as per the seventh-level priest spell).

99. A totem pole grows 20' into the air. A magic mouth on the pole demands a suitable sacrifice from the bean planter. If monetary treasure is given, the character is given a magical weapon (roll on the appropriate tables in the DMG, page 140). If magical treasure is given, the character is granted a wish that must be used within the hour. If a sacrifice is not given, the pole will permanently drain two points from the character's main attribute.

100. A two-handed dancing sword (MV 15; TIIACO 13; #AT 1) rises from the ground and begins striking at random targets. Though no physical attack will harm it, it can be affected by magical attacks, such as fireball, lightning bolt, or transmute metal into wood.

101. Another bag of beans appears (this option is only for the most patient of DMs and only for the last bean in the bag).

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