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How it Works

This is mostly intended for people like me who prefer to "roll their own" rather than mess with published 
or third party pre-gen stuff.

The general idea is that sometimes it can be a little difficult to create some new adventure out of thin air. I love to keep things random and I love to roll dice. In AD&D, this can be seen to by creating some tables and letting the dice call the game.

The basic elements I have determined are...

Type of Adventure (Roll 1d4)

Quest for something/someone

On a Mission

Solve Mystery

Dungeon Crawl

There are many similar or common elements to each of the adventure types as you will see, but once a type is chosen, we will follow that path.

I note the difference between a Quest and a Mission here is that;

A Quest is a search for something specific that is not a person, or a task that must be completed or performed in a specific manner. Quests are usually initiated by an entity or NPC "On High"

A Mission can be a search for something or someone (or a group of someones for that matter) with a goal or objective related to the "target(s)".

These are only to help a GM/DM create an outline. Specifics/details need to be filled in on your own.


Who initiated The Quest

(Roll 1d10)






Church Leader

Common Person Seeking Help




How Was Quest Initiated

(Roll 1d4)



Personal Appearance


Who is Quest Targeted To

(Roll 1d4)

1 specific PC

Whole team of PC's

Multiple, but not all PC's

NPC traveling with PC's

What is Quest For

(Roll 1d4)

Enchanted Item

Rare Material/Substance


Natural Wonder of The World/Geographic location

Action To Be Taken-

(Roll 1d6)

Start Something

Stop Something

Open Something

Close Something

Take Something

Bring Something

Primary Challenge

(Roll 1d6, 1-2=1, 3-4=2, 5-6=3)

Guarded by Monster(s) (Roll 1d8) Undead, Dragon(s), Giant(s), NPC(s), Demon(s), Devil(s), Deity, Humanoids (roll 1d6) orcs, goblins, dwarves, elves, kobolds, lizard men,

Geographic Obstacle (Roll 1d8) Volcano, Mountain, Lake, tar pits, swamp, desert, chasm/ravine, Haunted/Sylvan forest

Requires travel to a different Plane of Existence (Roll 1d6) Elemental Plane(1d4; Fire, Air, Earth, Water), Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Negative material, Positive material, Outer Plane (Roll based on Outer Planes map in PHB)


Who initiated The Mission

(Roll 1d6)

1-Party Adviser

2-Monarch or National Leader

3-Military Commander

4-Religious Leader



When is Mission to be Completed

(Roll 1d8)


2-Within 24 hours

3-Within 72 hours

4-Within a week (7 days)

5-Within 30 days

6-On a specific date

7-Before an event or action occurs

8-After a "sign" is given

Purpose Of Mission

(Roll 1d6)

1-Rescue Someone (Roll on Someone Sub-Table)

2-Steal/Obtain Something (Roll 1d6) Gem, Enchanted Item, Weapon, Armor, Money, Potion

3-Kill Someone (Humanoid) (Roll 1d6) Government, Military, Religious, Wealthy Person, Child of (re-roll on this table, excluding "Child of" results)

4-Kill Something (Monster) (Roll 1d8) Dragon, Giant, Spider, Deity, Demi-god, Devil, Demon, Undead

5-Kidnap Someone (Roll on Someone Sub-Table)

6-Deliver Something (Roll 1d8) Money, Enchanted Item, Cursed item, Weapon, Gem/Jewel, Stone, Seed, Liquid

Someone Sub-Table

Roll 1d10 1-5 = 1 to 5, 6-10 = 1 to 5

1-Government (Roll 1d6) 1-King/Queen, 2-Prince/Princess, 3-President, 4-Governor, 5-Mayor, 6-Judge

2-Military (Roll 1d4) 1-General, 2-Captain, 3-Commander, 4-Admiral

3-Religious (Roll 1d4) 1-Bishop, 2-Priest/Priestess, 3-Acolyte, 4-Supreme/Holy Leader

4-Wealthy Person (Roll 1d4) 1-Merchant, 2-Banker, 3-Industry Baron, 4-Trader

5-Child of (re-roll on this table, excluding "Child of" results)

Destination/Location of Mission

(Roll 1d6)

1-In same town

2-In another town

3-Another Country

4-Another Continent

5-Another Plane

6-In ocean

Primary Adversary

Who or what is the target or is guarding, holding, protecting, etc.. the target of the mission?

(Roll 1d4)

Monster (Roll 1d8) Dragon, Giant, Spider, Deity, Demi-god, Devil, Demon, Undead

NPC (Roll 1d10) MU, Fighter, Illusionist, Cleric, Ranger, Druid, Paladin, 2 of above, 3 of above, All of above

Natural/Geographic (Roll 1d6) Volcano, Other Plane, Water/Ocean, Pre-Historic Land, Enchanted/Sylvan Forest, Air/Sky

Humanoids (Roll 1d8) Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, Lizard Men, Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds

Solve a mystery

Whether being on the Aggressor or the Defensive side, PC's are operating in a war environment.

What kind of Mystery?

(Roll 1d6 1-2=1, 3-4=2, 5-6=3)

1-Someone disappeared

2-Something disappeared

3-Something appeared

4-Someone appeared


(Roll 1d6)




4-Religious figure


6-Law/government person


(Roll 1d6)






6-Historical object

Dungeon Crawl

I'll be honest, I will advise you to randomly generate a dungeon at Wizardawn using OSRIC rules. Though personally, I prefer a more traditional design dungeon graphics. You can draw your own dungeon map or download one that is more conventional from Myth Weaver's Dungeon Generator page. I know, it's a 3.5 based site, but ignore the dungeon dressing and simply create a dungeon then save the picture as a .png instead of printing the whole thing out from their site. You get a nice, conventional dungeon then you can get the good stuff by fleshing it out at Wizardawn.

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